We became a sporty family with Mark Warner


My son is like me and his Dad in that he does not really enjoy physical education at school I was always last to be picked for school sports teams. My husband describes himself as an all-rounder meaning he is not really skilled at any sport. My daughter is more interested in the outfits for sports than the activity itself when it comes to sports day at school. My youngest son is a a bit different and attacks all sports with gusto.


We held a family sports day. We clambered into some sacks and even pillow cases and raced. We came up with some very dubious tactics in some cases to ensure the egg stayed on the spoon. We got a hula-hoop and laughed at our very different levels of expertise as we wiggled away.

There was some trampolining fun too.

My youngest two loved racing on play vehicles.



There was competition but more than that there was a recognition that it was the fun that mattered most.

This is all too often my usual position.


This weekend we will head for the coast for more fun and games.


The cat? Yes, even the she is getting the activity bug (although may have had to be tempted by a treat!)


I asked my family to say what they think about us getting more active.

Dad – “When I was younger, I used to go for a run everyday and loved it. You do forget how much fun exercise can be ans also that it is important not to take yourself too seriously”.

Mum – “I have loved doing something that we can all enjoy. Giggling and knowing it is helping burn some calories too – wonderful!”


Cavanagh aged 12 – “I am always saying that I want to do more things with Mum and Dad. We have had really good fun and my favourite bit was splashing my parents with freezing cold water”.

Willow aged 9 – “I loved the padding pool most and like to go in it when I get home from school. I have costumes in different colours” (Note from Mum – some things never change!)

Ramsey aged 7 – “I could not believe that Dad came out and played football with us. Normally, he is busy with work. I even got him climbing trees!”

By taking part in the Mark Warner Active Family Challenge, we have got sporty. We have done it in our own way but we have laughed a lot and spent more time together. Both of these are very good things so I urge you to have a go and see if you can make the most of that sunshine and inject more fun into family life whilst getting healthier too.

Active Family Blogger Challenge

Your challenge is to commit to spending a minimum of one hour per week taking part in a designated activity as a family. We’d like you to write a blog post about your experience each week, inspiring your readers with photos and maybe even asking your children to write about their experience.

Entries will be read by a carefully selected panel of judges from Mark Warner holidays.

Judging and Prizes

Judges will be looking for a creative and inspiring approach to family fitness and the winner will be awarded a family holiday for up to four at Mark Warner’s resort in San Lucianu, Corsica

Check out the Mark Warner Active Family Challenge


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