A wonderful children’s book – The Body Collector

Trick or treat?  How about a book as an unusual treat for Halloween.

We highly recommend The Body Collector sent to us to review.  It is a book that grown-ups will really enjoy reading as there is wonderful dry humour that you can share with your little ones.  Even on the nights when you are exhausted and don’t feel like reading to your kids, this book will tempt you to do so.

When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was the wonderful, brightly-coloured and entertaining images.  As you read one page, the opposite one has a relevant picture.  There are 78 pages in total and it is smaller sized book so you don’t feel too daunted when you start it.

Or course, once you start reading it, you are gripped with the story and the wonderful characters, Boris the skull who struggles to be evil being our particular favourite.  He is given a very hard time by the wicked witch Griselda and only wants to have his body back.  Where is his body?  Well, we won’t spoil the story for you but suffice to say a dubious character Charlie Stench has something to do with it.

There are 3 little boys in the book all under threat from both Griselda who wants to eat them and the rotten Charlie Stench.

My 8 year old daughter read the book at breakneck speed and I have loved reading it to her and my 6 year old son.

‘The Body Collector’ delivers child-like delights of muddy hands and ghostly globs and keeps children wondering what will happen next..  Adults will find a deeper message within its pages, a reminder of parental love, making ‘The Body Collector a unique bedtime story for adults and children alike.

Cannot recommend this one highly enough – marvellous!



ISBN 9780954704674


One thought on “A wonderful children’s book – The Body Collector

  1. Books has been always good for children’s comprehension and critical thinking skills.IT’s a great idea to create new ideas on entertaining them as well as learning at the same time with books like this especially on Halloween season and Christmas.Great post, indeed!

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