National Pretzel Day

Did you know it is National Pretzel Day?

Our family were sent some Penn State pretzels.

There are a good variety of taste sensations available with this classic American snack brand.

Everyone seemed to favour the Sour Cream and Chive variety in our house although the Original Sea Salted also went down well.

The pretzels are great for snacking on while watching the television and also a really easy option for nibbles when you have guests or a party.

Penn State pretzels can also be used as ingredients in recipes as well, meaning that they are both delicious and versatile.

Check out the new Penn State website.

3 thoughts on “National Pretzel Day

  1. I prefer the big doughy style pretzels 🙂 mmmm yummy cinnemon and sugar covered goodness.
    Or if it’s the small crunchy pretzels like you’re talking about prefer the chocolate covered ones 😉 I haven’t got a sweet tooth honest!!!

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