Back to school is as simple as 1 2 3

Are you ready for the children going back to school?

I got the shock of my life when I visited the official school outfitters the other day.  They charge so much and when you know how your children look after their uniform (or don’t!) laying out so many pounds hurts a bit.

Our schools insist on branded school jumpers with the school logo but I buy anything else in more affordable outlets.

A few weeks ago my husband told me Morrisons were selling school uniform.  I dismissed this as I was sure it could not be true.  Then I spied some television advertisements showcasing their Nutmeg school uniform range.


The prices are low.  It really is a simple as 1 2 3.

£1 for 3 pairs of socks


£2 for shirts and polo shirts


£3 for trousers, cardigans and jumpers


The age range they cover is from 4 to 13 years.

They also sell pumps which is fantastic as I can never find them in the right size at this time of year.


Nutmeg at Morrisons – sanity for mums!

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