When I am old, I will turn purple!

Some time ago, I decided to dye my hair, all part of trying to rediscover whatever va-va voom was left.  I settled on red and love it.  My Dad said “Oh yes, your Mum went through the red phase”.  In one sentence, I was convinced next time it would be a different colour.  My children said they would like it to be purple and I bought some dye.

Then Dad got ill and died and even I could not face him at the funeral or ashes ceremomy with purple hair.

So today, perhaps inspired by all things Halloween, I took the plunge.  My husband and oldest son were out and about.  My other two children were playing happily.

Upstairs I sneaked.  I read the instructions and applied the dye.  It said I had to wait 30 minutes for it to develop.  30 minutes felt like a long time so I went downstairs and indulged in a little tweeting careful to watch the time.

Back to the bathroom and the rinsing began.  It took ages and all the spilled dye from earlier over the sink looked like a axe murdereer had gone wild.  After bucket loads of water, it started to run clear.  I applied the conditioner, rinsed and towel dried my hair.

Shock!  Horror!  I had huge purple blotches on both cheeks and one was particularly sore.  I tried make-up remover and rubbed.  That made it much worse.  It got so sore that I decided I would have to carry off the look as a Halloween mask.

I confessed my idiocy on Twitter and felt much better.  Apparently I am not the first person to dye my face as well as my hair.  Twitter is fabulous in such situations.  I asked how I could remove the stains.  These are the suggestions just in case you ever decide to get your groove back and end up turning purple instead of wearing purple.

1.  Apply vaseline to exposed skin areas before applying the dye

2. Use olive oil

3. Use commercial hair dye remover

4. Use baby lotion

5. Use baking soda and dishwasher liquid.  I kid you not – this one came from a google search.

My husband returned and said I looked like something out of the Phantom of the Opera.  He had his own idea of the best remedy for removing the hair dye stains and a bottle of a certain something was purchased immediately.

P.S. If you try any of the stain removal suggestions above, it is at your own risk.


11 thoughts on “When I am old, I will turn purple!

  1. Let’s see then!! Moral of the story, no tweeting whilst developing!! If you’d wiped with warm, soapy flannel AT THE TIME you’d not be looking like a dodgy 80s Athena poster with mega blusher!!

  2. Yes, I too am awaiting a photo…!

    I have long wanted to dye a strip of my hair a brilliant magenta colour. I know, very specific isn’t it? Not sure why. I think I wouldn’t suit a whole head of magenta but a strip would be me clearly stating that I don’t give a damn that normal middle class women Don’t Do Such Things, while not making it so In Your Face to be eye rolling (‘Michelle is Making a Statement again’).

    And yes, I used to due my hair all different shades of ‘normal’ (black, dark auburn etc) and every now and then I’d streak it across some part of my face. Can’t remember what toxic substance I found to get it off.

    Anyway, well done. I am very proud of you for doing it! I’ll bet the kids loved it–especially that you took their advice.

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